The Power of the Group

Belonging to a Girls Journeying Together group during puberty can be enormously supportive to mothers and daughters alike.

Girls want to understand what’s happening as their body develops, their moods fluctuate, and their relationships change.  They want reassurance that all is still well.  Women can give them this reassurance.

Girls also want to know that they’re not alone.  The camaraderie that grows over the year shows them the strength that comes from our girlfriends.  Girls are always keen to carry on meeting as they make friends for life.

Give your daughter a community to grow up in, guided by inspiring women who care about her.

“The idea of Girls Journeying Together groups is so needed and appropriate, it feels absolutely natural and right to almost everyone who hears of it.  Like – what took us so long?  The near-fatal mistake we made in raising children in the modern world was to isolate them, and ourselves, from deep sharing and deep support.  We are seeing the results of that in the terrible mental health problems of young women everywhere.  Kim’s work puts something back that should never have been taken away.  But it also goes to new places in the modern, feminist uprising to both nurture and arm young women for taking back their world.”

Steve Biddulph
(Best selling author of ‘10 Things Girls Need Most’ and ‘Raising Girls’)

Girls Journeying Together group

A year-long exploration with a small group of girls aged 10-12 years

What do girls get from the group?

We create a place where each girl is encouraged to be herself, to dress and speak and behave true to however she is that day.  They learn how to accept each other and experience feeling accepted by a group of peers.

What happens in a Girls Journeying Together group?
Girls will:

  • learn about the changes that puberty brings
  • discuss the influences of peers, media, culture, and parents
  • prepare for their own first period and support one another
  • get to know each other really well — well enough to dare to speak their innermost fears and heartfelt hopes
  • dream into their futures
  • clarify their values
  • (only when the time is right) talk of dating, diets, drinking, exams, and other teen concerns
  • laugh and cry and play and feast
  • find mentors
  • and in time become mentors themselves.

A dozen or so girls (in their final year of primary) come to a taster day accompanied by their mothers to see if they want to be part of the group.  Then the girls meet monthly for a year which gives them a sense of what monthly feels like.  At the end of the year we invite the mothers to join us for a celebration.  The group of girls are full of affection for one another and feel well-prepared for all that lies ahead.  Our support of the girls continues by inviting them to meet twice a year through their teens.

This is what the girls say:

“It’s brilliant, we talk about things, really talk, so you realise that others feel the same way.”
“I’ve made friends for life.”
“I was nervous about growing up but now I’m not.”
“You can ask anything.”
“We’ve had loads of fun and learned stuff for growing up but it hasn’t felt like learning.”
“It got me thinking about who I want to be — what I want to do with my life.”

Terms and conditions – DOWNLOAD HERE the Terms and Conditions for GJT groups and Facilitator Training.

  • My little girl seems so sure of herself and I know that girls group has been a huge part of that. I wish I’d had this when I was growing up.”

  • Girls group has transformed my relationship with my daughter.

  • My daughter just started her period and she was so calm and excited and I knew how to manage it with her.  A real gift from girls group.

  • I wasn't sure about having another woman involved so intimately in my daughter’s growing up but if only I’d known how much girls group would give her — and me — I’d never have had a moment’s hesitation in bringing her along.

  • My daughter has made friends for life in Girls Journeying Together group; friends who accept her just as she is.

  • Kim is like the perfect wise auntie.  Her beautiful gentleness and acceptance of each girl just brings out the best in each one.

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