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Workshops and seminars

Workshops for girls: a fun and informative few hours with other girls exploring a topic like exams, periods, romance, or the highs and hassles of being a teen

A special mother-daughter day with your group

Seminars for everyone who cares about girls growing up strong

Mothers and Daughters Together

Full day

£185 per mother-daughter pair

A full day workshop to celebrate the mother-daughter bond with a small group of similar-age girls.

You gather a group of mothers and their daughters to spend a day together and this session can cover whatever you feel is most needed within your group: preparing for puberty, learning about periods, navigating social media, growing up strong…  We finish by honouring the special bond that mothers and daughters share.

Charting your cycle so you’re in charge

2024 programme in development

2pm — 5pm


anyone who’s started

A workshop to share what we know in a small group of girls.

Want to know what day to expect your period?  And whether you’ll be bleeding on holiday or during exams?
Even out the changes in your mood.  Feel more in control.
Cramps, spots, tiredness, irritability, weepiness, can all be made more manageable.
Come along and share what you already know works for you and learn some more.

Prepare well for exams and still have a life!

2024 programme in development

2 — 5pm


14-16 years

A three hour session of exam preparation with a small group of girls.

This workshop will help you to do your best but not get too stressed.  You’ll learn revision techniques that really work and tools that you can use whenever there’s something challenging in life.

“I couldn’t quite get down to my revision.  This motivated me but not with guilt.”
“I’ve got rid of that nagging feeling like I should always be doing more work.”
“Exams used to mean not being able to sleep, eating wrong, and feeling stressed — it’s not so bad now.”
“Even though it was about exams, it was fun.”
“This will be useful whenever I’m stressed out, not just at exams.”

Love and relationships

2024 programme in development

2 — 5pm


14-16 or 16-18 years

A workshop to talk privately with a small group of girls.

What you really need to know if you want to be in a good relationship.  A morning of relaxed, honest, open talking but no pressure to discuss anything you don’t want to.  A light-hearted, serious, fun session.

Halfway through your teens, what do you want to smash to smithereens?

2024 programme in development

2 — 5pm


mid teens

This is quite an arty workshop where you then destroy what you’ve made!  With a small group of girls.

We’ll explore what’s good about being in your teens and what’s rubbish.  You’ll depict what you don’t like and ditch it.  Then we’ll celebrate the good stuff.  You’ll feel great by the end.

Rites for Girls Seminar: ‘From Daughter to Woman, parenting girls safely through their teens’

This informative, inspiring seminar is for anyone concerned with making the lives of girls that bit kinder, safer and well supported.

We want our girls to emerge from their teens as strong as they went in.  Kim presents key information from her book to support parents, carers and teachers in guiding our girls safely through their adolescence.  This presentation can be to a large assembly or in a smaller participatory workshop style.  Please get in touch if you would like to invite Kim.

Terms and conditions – DOWNLOAD HERE the Terms and Conditions for GJT groups and Facilitator Training.