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What is Girls’ Net?

A six-week journey for girls equipping them for times of challenge and change.
This course is made up of six 1¼ hour sessions in a small group of same-age girls guided by a fully trained Girls’ Net Mentor. This course is currently held online for girls grouped by age (8-18 years).

How will the sessions support my daughter?

This is a restorative programme designed to age-appropriately provide:

  • Mentoring for girls to see them safely through challenging times
  • A safe space to talk while in the comfort of home
  • Sharing healthy ways of coping
  • Practising self-care
  • Building resilience and confidence
  • Supporting school and life transitions
  • Belonging to a friendly, safe circle of same-age girls

Although the course will provide space for girls to share their thoughts and feelings, this is not a replacement for specialised group or individual therapy.

What do girls say they like about Girls’ Net?

“A chance to be with real girls who won’t judge or be mean, and to talk and discuss daily problems and learn new ways to think about stuff.” (age 14)

“I like it that what I say is kept private and I have a choice in everything.” (age 12)

“Chatting with other girls and getting to know them and sharing your feelings about the topics.” (age 13)

“Nice to see people outside of school + fun.” (age 11)

“My daughter loved Girl’s Net so much – I’d definitely recommend it.” (parent of 10-year-old)

“For the past 6 weeks it was something I enjoyed doing and felt safe doing it with girls who were all individually unique and kind. When we finished tonight’s session, I felt so loved and safe and accepted of who I was and nothing more, I stayed with that feeling for 5 minutes absorbing it and it was a feeling I want to go back to as many times as possible – and that is all thanks to you and the girls in Girls Net. ” (age 15)

Try it out first!

The first session is an introduction and a chance for girls to try it out, no pressure. Once they’ve met each other and their mentor and had a taste of Girls’ Net they can decide whether they’d like to join, committing to the remaining five sessions. Your Girls’ Net Mentor will give you details of the course including day, time and cost. Everyone is asked to agree to our online guidelines beforehand.

Parents are invited to meet their daughter’s Girls’ Net Mentor online, to hear about the course and ask questions a couple of weeks before the series starts.

Girls’ Net Mentors

All Girls’ Net Mentors are DBS checked, insured and trained to work with children online. All accredited and apprentice Girls’ Net Mentors are listed below. If someone is not included in this list, they are not qualified or sanctioned by us to run Girls’ Net groups

Alexandra Constant


Ailsa Stratton


Amy Adams

Amy Adams


Angelina Shevchenko picture

Angelina Shevchenko

(Russia, France)

Anna Silver


Caroline Brett

Caroline Brett

(East Sussex)

Catherine Rohan

(West Sussex)

Cathy Roos picture

Cathy Roos


Cherie Watkinson


Clare Rodemark

(West Sussex)

Emma Thomson


Fatma Muharrem


Felicia Perks picture

Felicia Perks

(East Sussex)

Fiona Killick


Georgia Hutchinson


Imi Bhambra

(West Midlands)

Isobel Green


Jayne Bond pictur

Jayne Bond

(West Sussex)


Julie White


Karen Abi-Karam picture

Karen Abi-Karam

(East Sussex)

Kate Frow


Kim McCabe picture

Kim McCabe

(Forest Row)

Kim Wilson

(East Sussex)

Lisa James picture

Lisa James


Lois Whittle


Lucy Bear

(West Sussex)

Majgan !adir picture

Majgan Qadir


Milla Poole

(West Sussex)

Michelle Allport


Naomi Nicholson


Naomi Schogler


Nicola Brown picture

Nicola Brown


Sally Jenkins


Sarah Blagg picture

Sarah Blagg

(South Yorkshire)

Sarah Evans

(West Sussex)

Sarah Salthouse


Want to train with us?

Join our Girls’ Net Mentor training, a 3-month programme which includes over 50 hours live contact online and weekly support in running your first Girls’ Net group.
Training cost: £680 but earn as much running your first group once qualified.

Girls need us now more than ever. Find out more in our live webinar.

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