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Rachel Bell

Girls Journeying Together Facilitator

Town: Thanet, England
Girls Journeying Together groups:  Broadstairs, South East Kent

There are endless ways to be a girl and I offer a gentle, non-pressured space where your daughter can flourish, love the fact that she is a marvellous one-off and, by making positive connections in the group, feel increasingly at ease to express her true self. Questions are encouraged too!

With fun group activities and friendly pair work, I guide the girls through:

  • Valuing the unique girl they are and not needing to change themselves to fit in
  • Sticking with the stuff they love – as it brings sense of self and calmness
  • Coping with big feelings and self-caring through them, as well as thinking about who they can trust to talk to
  • Enjoying healthy and safe relationships and being guided by their own values
  • Feeling comfortable and confident about periods and their changing bodies

I spent my early career editing national children’s magazines for 8-12 year olds, and writing the features for teen magazines that highlighted mental health issues. I became a freelance journalist to focus on challenging sex stereotypes and sexualisation. I like to write to help girls and women feel less alone in their experiences. One of my most meaningful and enjoyable roles has been running confidence-building workshops in a refuge. This supported my own confidence to model what a woman can be – so important in a world where teenage girls are feeling less comfortable to speak out and are losing their playfulness to self-consciousness, or body image pressure. I came to this work as I care deeply about girls feeling free of limiting stereotypes or cultural expectations of what it means to be a girl or a woman. My sensitivity and empathy are my strengths, encouraging girls to trust in their true selves and feel safe to fully express themselves. Girls Journeying Together group is a wonderful opportunity for girls aged 10-12 to feel confident being a girl, equipping them with a life-lasting sense of self, as well as resilience for when things change or get choppy. I love that this unique work also supports a deeper connection between mothers and daughters.

I live with my partner and two boys, a pre-teen and teen, and, of course, advocate for smashing stereotypes that hold boys back, too. I hope I have been one of those people who is honest about parenting – I never shouted before I had kids! All kids are growing humans, with their own pace, glorious quirks and areas that need extra loving. I also run a shorter, online programme from Rites for Girls called Girls’ Net. Everytime I finish a session, I feel so glad I got to spend time in the company of girls and give them a boost. Please do get in touch with any questions you may have about Girls Journeying Together by clicking the Free Taster Session button.

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