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Sophie Beaupain

Accredited Girls Journeying Together Facilitator

Town: London, UK
Girls Journeying Together groups: Wimbledon, London

I offer the girls in my Girls Journeying Together groups a nurturing, fun, and safe space where everyone is welcomed for being there exactly as they are.  My promise is that each girl will be valued for her own individuality and feelings as she explores the year long journey.  The group forms a circle of support around the girls within which they connect with each other, explore topics about growing up in today’s world and give and receive support from each other.  Each month is different and unique.  

Based in Wimbledon, London, I joined Rites for Girls in 2019 to support girls during their adolescence as it is such a transformational time in their lives – with highs and lows, new experiences and challenges.  I joined after hearing a talk by the psychologist Steve Biddulph who spoke about the need for this work and it resonated with me.  It is a privilege to bring Girls Journeying Together to the local community and be of service to girls and their families.  

In terms of my background, I’m a mother of two and auntie to four special young people.  When I’m not facilitating groups or working, I’m usually outside somewhere with my family, walking with my dog or doing sports.

For any young girls reading this with their mother or friend/relative and wondering whether to join a group, please come along to a free taster session to find out more about it. It’s hard to get a full flavour of what this is all about until you’ve experienced a taster session. Then you can decide if you would like to join a group with no pressure to join if you don’t want to.  You can think of me like a mentor or guide for the journey but actually I want the group to be your group so you would have input as to what we cover along with plenty of opportunity to ask questions if you want. 

I hope to meet you sometime soon.

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