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Leesa Whisker

Girls Journeying Together Facilitator

Town: Marratxi, Mallorca
Girls Journeying Together groups: Marratxi, Palma de Mallorca

A warm welcome to you and your girl. Puberty often gets a pretty bad press and it’s easy to feel daunted when you realise your own beloved girl is on the cusp of this life transition. As mothers, many of us remember our own adolescence with mixed feelings. Did you enter your teens feeling there was someone you could talk to about everything that was changing inside you? Did you have a group of friends who you felt safe to be yourself with because they accepted you just as you were? Do you think your girl would appreciate these things?

We meet monthly for a year and the girls make friends for life. I am originally from Northern Ireland now living in the countryside north of Palma with my husband, two daughters and two fluffy guinea pigs. My own experience of adolescence has given me the empathy and enthusiasm to facilitate Girls Journeying Together groups. My approach is gentle, playful and supportive. I really believe there’s nothing girls can’t do when we band together and that there is real power in this transition when both mums and daughters are properly supported.

I hold a loving, inclusive space for girls to experience the fun and freedom of true friendship, authentic sharing and their own blossoming inner wisdom, so they can look towards womanhood with a healthy sense of self and feel ready for the next exciting phase in their life. We will explore topics like defining beauty and power, managing emotions and stress, social media and peer pressure, all with mentor and peer support. I invite mums to take a parallel journey, meeting separately alongside girls’ group.

Please do get in touch. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.