Guiding girls safely through adolescence​

Message from Golda Rosheuvel, Rites for Girls Ambassador

To celebrate her appointment as our first Rites for Girls Ambassador, actor, Golda Rosheuvel shares her motivation for supporting our work.

Empowering girls

We inspire and empower girls using circle-based mentorship; guiding them, building their inner resources and their friendships so they grow up strong and free.
We train women to carry out this important work; and support parents to do their best parenting in times of difficulty.

At Rites for Girls we’ve been running girls’ groups for over ten years, reaching hundreds of girls across England and beyond. We’ve been training women to mentor girls’ groups worldwide since 2018.

What we offer

Girls’ Net provides guidance and camaraderie through the ups and downs of growing up for small groups of same-age girls (8-18yrs) in fun weekly online sessions over six weeks.

Girls Journeying Together groups offer a year of in-person monthly support for preteen girls (10-12yrs) as they practice being true to themselves, learn about puberty, share their hopes and fears, and help each other into their teens.

Parenting Through Difficult Times helps parents to do their best parenting in challenging times in a 3-week series of live online group sessions led by our founder Kim McCabe.
Facilitators become ‘the woman they needed at 11’ and are trained in meaningful work that fits around other commitments. This enables them to serve in a diverse range of cultures, bringing back the power of community, in a way that appeals to today’s girls.

The Secret to Calming your Child's Anxiety

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Sponsor a girl

Kim's work puts something back that should never have been taken away. But it also goes to new places in the modern, feminist uprising to both nurture and arm young women for taking back their world.
Best selling author of ‘10 Things Girls Need Most’ and ‘Raising Girls’

From Daughter to Woman