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Elvira Gilmanova

Girls Journeying Together Facilitator

Town: Moscow, Russia
Girls Journeying Together groups: Moscow

In Girls Journeying Together groups I create a supportive atmosphere where girls can relax and be who they are. Girls explore the exciting side of growing up and the challenges, express their creativity, and learn to take care of themselves, manage their emotions and support each other, make new friendships. They will also learn practical things for everyday life and will have a lot of fun! They are welcomed to ask their questions and share their thoughts and feelings. I want girls to feel safe and confident while growing up and to enjoy themselves. The preteen and teen years are such an amazing time with so many things happening inside and out, so many discoveries about the world!

I was attracted to the Rites for Girls Facilitator Training because I know what it means to be alone going through significant events and changes in life. I also realise what a difference it will make for the girls and their mothers to have a circle of support and guidance while growing up.

I grew up in the time of big changes in my country. When I was a teenager, it felt so right for me that now people would have to take responsibility for their lives and decide for themselves. I did not yet know that by the time I finished school, I would be so much the product of our society and would not be able to really grow up and take responsibility for myself.

It took me many years of searching, trying, making mistakes, going to trainings, taking therapy in order to find myself again. Now in the middle of my life, I can call myself a happy woman who knows a lot about myself, about life, about people so I can say it was worth it! And I feel happy to be able to support younger generations to keep the connection to themselves and their nature, to live a happier and more fulfilled life, standing firmly on their feet.

1992-1997 – studying at University in the English language and literature

1997-2003 – working as translator (longing to find my place in life)

2003-2004 – learning rebalancing (a kind of body therapy which helps to reconnect to the body, start to feel it, release tensions, start to take more care about yourself, to relive and let go of old stories and feelings)

2010-2011 – participating in Sexual Grounding Therapy Training

2015-2017 – studying at Biodanza school

2017-2018 – studying at Rites for Girls Facilitator Training

Since 2004 – working as rebalancer (body therapist)

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