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Charlotte Sarre

Girls Journeying Together Facilitator

Town: Southeast London, England
Girls Journeying Together groups: Peckham, London

Welcome and thank you for your interest in a Girls Journeying Together group for your daughter!
Our daughters’ teen years can seem challenging to say the least, especially in an ever-changing world full of pressures, comparison and expectations. Lots of girls are struggling with low self-esteem and find it hard to express their authentic self because of the unrealistic standards and airbrushed ‘ideals’ they are exposed to on a daily basis.
Sounds familiar? Worried about this too? You’re not alone, the journey into adulthood can feel like a tough time for many girls and their parents. In addition to the support from their family, I believe girls need more female role models who can offer advice and guidance – real women who can mirror what it’s like to follow your dreams and how to be unapologetically yourself, ‘flaws’ included. As a Rites for Girls Facilitator, I hope I can be one of these women for your daughter.

In my Girls Journeying Together group, I hold a relaxing and inclusive space for girls to explore who they really are and gain understanding of what lies ahead. With humour and empathy, I mentor and guide the girls through topics like dealing with peer pressure and social media, defining beauty and power, learning to love your changing body and navigating puberty in general. My goal is to make girls feel more confident in themselves, celebrate their uniqueness, form healthy friendships and relationships and feel excited and prepared for their future. Growing up may have its challenges but it can and should be fun too!
At the same time, the girls’ mums make a parallel journey alongside their daughters, meeting to support one another and create the close-knit female safety net their daughters can fall back on through the teen years.

I’m a Girls Journeying Together Facilitator and Girls’ Net Mentor based in South East London and mum to a daughter. I’m Belgian but moved to the UK for my work as a veterinary surgeon. After becoming a mother, my priorities in life changed and I’ve been on a journey of self-development and retraining to carry out more meaningful work and give back to my community. I’m happy when I can be outside, feet in the dirt, read a book or sit in circle connecting with other women.

A safe and enjoyable journey into womanhood might sound like mission impossible to some
but I encourage you to take the first step, a step towards making growing up for girls easier, safer and better supported. I couldn’t be more excited to join you and your daughter on this journey!

Please get in touch if you would like to know more, have any other questions or would like to join me for a taster session!

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