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Crystal Errington-Deamer

Girls Journeying Together Facilitator

Town: Frome, England
Girls Journeying Together groups: Frome, Somerset

The transition from girl to woman is a time full of possibility and beauty, it is also a time of challenges and change. Girls face so many pressures and expectations; about how to look, the way to act, the kind of women to become.

In Girls Journeying Together groups we work to provide the girls with the tools they need to move through their teens towards womanhood authentically and as their whole selves. I hold a safe space where they can start to untangle the messages they are being given about what it means to be a young woman, a space to begin to figure out who they want to become, ask big questions and have fun! Girls Journeying Together group is a place to grow friendships that can tolerate differences, support each other through both good and bad times and to view each other as allies not competition. We explore the changes their minds and bodies will be going through so they can be ready for what lies ahead.

I love working with children and teens and am passionate about making positive change for the next generation. As a mother of two girls I have seen firsthand the potential of this work and these circles of support. It is a privilege to hold space for girls during this transformative time offering practical guidance, information and support.

I look forward to welcoming you and your daughter to our circle.

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