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Sophia Hermens

Girls Journeying Together Facilitator

Town: St. Albans, England
Girls Journeying Together groups: St. Albans, Hertfordshire

The world has changed in so many ways since I was a teen.  Technology has brought huge benefit but also places enormous pressure on our young people.  Girls have so many obstacles to navigate as they cross the bridge into young womanhood, balancing often-fragile self-esteem with the demands of school, family and peer group.  There is so much that is still not talked about openly.

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to create a regular safe space for girls to feel their big feelings and have important, hard conversations, while knowing they are securely held in a supportive, caring environment.  Each girl is appreciated as an individual and accepted just as she is.  Girls Journeying Together groups allow each girl to explore her inner world, to learn, to grow in confidence and to believe in herself.  It is my wish that every girl is given the chance to deepen her sense of self, a sense of belonging, to feel part of a wider community of women and I would love to support your daughter in this way.

At the same time, the warm support and community of a Girls Journeying Together group will give you the chance to journey alongside your daughter, to experience yourself the benefits of being held and seen by a circle of women and to gain an even deeper understanding of the issues facing your girl.

I live in St Albans with my partner and two children, a girl and a boy, and have been a full-time mum since my daughter was born in 2014.  I have worked as an employment lawyer, an educational fundraiser (for a university, an international school and Jamie Oliver!) and I am now training as a psychotherapist.  I love yoga, reading and languages and am passionate about authentic connection and honest, open conversation.

If your intuition tells you that joining Girls Journeying Together might help your daughter, then please do get in touch to find out more.

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