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‘From Daughter to Woman,
parenting girls safely through their teens’

by Kim McCabe

Published by Robinson in 2018.
Featured in Steve Biddulph’s list of top 5 books about raising girls.

This book is for everyone who is interested in steering our children happily through their teens — mothers of daughters age 8 to 18, flummoxed grandmothers and caring aunties too, and anyone who works in a personal way with pre-teen and teenage girls.

Why write a book about raising girls?

There is a litany of reasons why life is now so much harder for teens.
I could scare you with statistics of how a growing number of teenagers are running into serious difficulties, suffering anxiety and depression, becoming addicted to social media, self-harming, drinking too much, turning to drugs, getting pregnant, or failing at school.  There is plenty to read about how teens are messing up and opting out.

I wrote the book because of this deeply worrying situation.  But it’s not a book about what to do if it happens to your own teen, it’s what to do so that it won’t happen to her.

Teenagers are great people, and you can have a great time parenting one!  Teenagers are at a wonderfully interesting stage of their lives and I’ve an optimistic view of parents’ and teachers’ ability to guide our girls through.  These fickle and often frustrating young people really can transform into the visionaries and creators of an inspiring future.  We have the good luck to be able to play a part in setting them on that path.

In this book I show how:

  • Daughter Dates will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your daughter through adolescence
  • you can guide your daughter robustly towards womanhood by helping her to know herself, manage her feelings, hold onto her dreams for her future, have good relationships, feel good about herself, find her circle of support, and learn about what changes lie ahead in puberty
  • a Rite of Passage celebration will allow her to feel really special when puberty comes

The book also includes sections written for pre-teen and teen girls explaining all the changes of puberty, how to manage periods, what to expect in romantic relationships, and how to handle depression.

My aim in this book is to make the adolescent’s journey just that bit safer, kinder, and better supported — so parents and teens can enjoy the teenage years more.

Kim is the creator of an extraordinary social advance.
I hope this book gets as close to your heart as it did to mine

Steve Biddulph
(Best selling author of ‘10 Things Girls Need Most’ and ‘Raising Girls’)

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“The idea of Girls Journeying Together groups is so needed and appropriate, it feels absolutely natural and right to almost everyone who hears of it.  Like – what took us so long?  The near-fatal mistake we made in raising children in the modern world was to isolate them, and ourselves, from deep sharing and deep support.  We are seeing the results of that in the terrible mental health problems of young women everywhere.  Kim’s work puts something back that should never have been taken away.  But it also goes to new places in the modern, feminist uprising to both nurture and arm young women for taking back their world.”

Steve Biddulph
(Best selling author of ‘10 Things Girls Need Most’ and ‘Raising Girls’)

Making Memories

and boosting your daughter’s self-esteem

Create a precious keepsake as you plan and record monthly mother-and-daughter dates together.