Girls’ Net Mentor training

In response to the increased mental distress that we’re witnessing in girls recently, Rites for Girls developed a short series to support girls to emerge from this challenging time equipped with tools to boost their resilience.

Training to become a Girls’ Net Mentor will develop you as a woman, as you role-model to the girls how to thrive through times of change. You will also gain empowerment techniques to share with the girls. You will be equipped with a clear programme timetable for how to deliver this course, which includes support for working online with Zoom, and guidance on safeguarding, insurance and GDPR.

This programme will take you on a journey of the soul using story, so you can take the girls on a soul journey of their own.

Want to train with us?

Join our Girls’ Net Mentor training, a 3-month programme which includes over 50 hours live contact online and weekly support in running your first Girls’ Net group.

Training cost: £780, with potential to earn as much running your first group once qualified.

Girls need us now more than ever. Find out more in our live webinar.

This is what the women say

“Best training I’ve ever done, by a long way; and I’ve done a lot!”

“I feel so well prepared. Doing this work means so much to me. I feel like I’m making a real difference in girls’ lives.”

“Girls’ Net is amazing. I was unsure how effective we could be working online but it makes the programme so much more accessible; the girls bond fast and love the material. It’s life changing – for them and for me.”

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