Girls’ Net Mentor training

In response to the increased mental distress that we’re witnessing in girls recently, Rites for Girls developed a short series to support girls to emerge from this challenging time equipped with tools to boost their resilience.

Training to become a Girls’ Net Mentor will develop you as a woman, as you role-model to the girls how to thrive through times of change. You will also gain empowerment techniques to share with the girls. You will be equipped with a clear programme timetable for how to deliver this course, which includes support for working online with Zoom, and guidance on safeguarding, insurance and GDPR and working self-employed.

This programme will take you on a journey of the soul using story, so you can take the girls on a soul journey of their own.

Want to train with us?

Join our Girls’ Net Mentor training, a six months programme which includes over 50 hours live contact online and weekly support in running your first Girls’ Net group.

Training cost: £840, with potential to earn as much running your first group once qualified.
Girls need us now more than ever. Find out more in our live webinar.

This is what the women say

“Best training I’ve ever done, by a long way; and I’ve done a lot!”

“I feel so well prepared. Doing this work means so much to me. I feel like I’m making a real difference in girls’ lives.”

“Girls’ Net is amazing. I was unsure how effective we could be working online but it makes the programme so much more accessible; the girls bond fast and love the material. It’s life changing – for them and for me.”

Frequently asked questions

Girls’ Net Mentor training will develop you as a woman as you role-model to the girls how to thrive through times of change. You will gain empowerment techniques to share with the girls and develop your own wisdom for supporting girls through challenging times.

You will also become part of a growing community of like-minded women who are passionate about the health and wellbeing of girls growing up today.

The pandemic has seen a sharp rise in girls experiencing mental distress, with many girls feeling anxious, socially reticent, or despondent and disconnected from everyone and everything.

We received National Lottery Funding to develop the Girls’ Net programme to equip girls for times of challenge and change, through sharing healthy ways of coping and practising self-care, in a small group of same-age girls in a private, safe space in the comfort of their own homes.

The training consists of seven weekly 2½ hour Zoom sessions, where you experience each Girls’ Net session as your preteen self, and then learn how to offer Girls’ Net online to small groups of same-age girls (aged 8-18).

There are also two full days of women’s development work training also via Zoom. You will be placed into peer groups with other women on the course and are encouraged to arrange weekly peer-group assimilation meetings to discuss the key themes for the sessions and raise any questions to bring back to the wider group sessions.

You will also have access to a private Facebook group for the duration of your training in which to ask questions, share reflections and build community.

Next you have a few weeks to review what you’ve learned and put into practise the self-employed aspect of this work as you learn how to promote Girls’ Net and gather girls for your first group, supported by us in a couple more training sessions.

Finally, you have six weeks of group teaching supervisions while you run your first Girls’ Net group after which you write a short reflection piece.

We celebrate your graduation with an online ceremony and send you a Girls’ Net Mentor qualification certificate.

We give you all the training, materials, and support needed to run your first group. We help you publicise it and set it up and we’ll give you a group supervision every week for six weeks while you run your first group.

We want you to have everything you need to be able to enjoy this work and we’re committed to making sure that everyone in a Girls’ Net Mentor training programme has a top-quality experience.

We’re interested to hear what is calling you to this work. We are flexible about our entry requirements as long as you bring some relevant skills and experience. You may have group work experience, counselling or therapy qualifications, teaching or youth work skills, and daughters of your own (but we don’t require you to have all of these).

Although not ideal, in exceptional cases you could make up what you miss by paying for an individual tutorial, but generally we would suggest you choose a programme where you can make all the sessions

We appreciate that this professional training requires a commitment from you in time and money. We’re dedicated to ensuring every Girls’ Net Mentor is capable of providing a high quality of delivery for her girls.

We want to make this as accessible as possible, so we have designed the course to enable you to begin earning as soon as you have completed your training. You have the potential to have earned back the training fees running your first group after you’ve qualified. If you feel called to this work, then be creative in finding a way to finance your dream. We encourage you to use your head to follow your heart.


Girls’ Net groups are run in the evening, term time only, after school on weeknights or at the weekend. In addition to hosting six weekly 75-minute Zoom meetings with the girls for each Girls’ Net group you run, you will run an additional pre-course Zoom session for parents and will need to allow for a couple of hours of admin time during the week (for sending emails pre- and post-session and managing the Girls’ Net Notebook).

Time also needs to be allowed for collating sign up information beforehand and promoting your groups. There will also be a monthly 90-minute group supervision on Zoom where you can bring all your questions and learn from each other.

There may be updates to training materials that you will need to check on occasion.

Admin and preparation time is significantly less once you have run your first group.

Typically, Mentors offer a sliding scale up to £95 per girl for the six-week Girls’ Net programme, with a maximum of ten girls per Girls’ Net group.

Full membership of the Girls’ Net Mentors Alliance includes:

  • Listing on the Rites for Girls website as a qualified Girls’ Net Mentor licensed to run Girls’ Net groups
  • Your name will be listed on the Girls’ Net webpage form for parents to sign their daughter .up to your groups
  • License to use the trademarked Girls’ Net logo, kit of promotional materials and training materials
  • Complimentary monthly group supervision sessions
  • Discounted rates with our Rites for Girls supervisors to support you in your work
  • On-line support network of Girls’ Net Mentors, with occasional Facebook tutorials
  • Eligible to be contracted to work on our funded projects offering Girls’ Net groups
  • Access to support in making local grant funding bids to run Girls’ Net
  • Eligible to attend further training to develop yourself and your work with the girls
  • Organisational membership of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Depending on your choice of enrolment level, the cost is between £2.50 – £10 per month. This covers website administration to promote your Girls’ Net groups and our organisational membership of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

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