Are you shy? Me too.


Sometimes I say no to things or I don’t go places because I feel shy.
I find groups overwhelming and I don’t seem to be able to act naturally there.
I grew up wishing that I was different and that I could do small talk and be the life and soul.
I grew up thinking that being shy was wrong.

But the shy girl is often the girl who notices,
And the shy girl is often the one who listens,
And the shy girl can be the one that others turn to,
And now I know that shy can also mean quiet, reflective, compassionate and kind.

We need shy girls and loud girls and bright girls and sensitive girls.  We need all the different kinds of girls that there are, so we have everything covered.

In Girls Journeying Together groups, girls don’t have to change themselves to fit in.  They belong already, just as they are.  And we all start to learn that being different isn’t wrong.  And we all begin to like ourselves that bit more.

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