Less stress during the festive season


We wish you well this festive season, from all of us at Rites for Girls. 

We hope that amongst all the planning, shopping, cooking and caring, that you find a way to have a rest too.

We know that this time of year isn’t easy for so many people. 

Perhaps you’re worrying about the cost of gifts and budgeting, or you’re trying to arrange childcare as a working parent. Or you could be struggling after a recent bereavement in the family, and you’re worried that the festive period isn’t going to be the same for you or the children. Maybe you’re just not looking forward to strained family relationships, or maybe you don’t have anyone to spend the holidays with. Christmas can be a lonely and isolating time, particularly with social media  creating the illusion that everyone is having their best holiday ever. 

According to a YouGov poll, while only 35% of men have felt stressed around Christmas, for women the figure is 51%. Over a third of women also say they’ve felt anxious, so the holidays can be a tough time for women, especially mothers.

We’re here to support you to do your best parenting, whatever your situation.

Here’s some tips to help you navigate the festive season as best you can with your family.

  1. Have some quiet time.  

Make sure you and your kids have times when you’re not going somewhere or doing something. Everyone needs time to recharge – which helps to avoid meltdowns, yours and theirs!

  1. Don’t let social media fool you into thinking everyone else is having non-stop family fun.

 Remember that social media is where people share their highlights.  Resist the pressure to try to live up to these festive impressions  and let yourself (and your kids) say no to what you don’t fancy, and yes to what you’d find enjoyable. 

  1. Remember, it’s OK if not everything goes to plan. 

If someone’s present doesn’t arrive on time, or you forget to buy the gravy for your festive feast – it’s not the mistake that matters, but how you repair it.   How you respond in times of stress teaches your kids how to manage when things don’t go to plan.  

To help you further, we’ve created a free resource, “Calming your child’s anxiety in 10 minutes”, which will be especially handy in the busy festive season.

You can find it here:


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