Period pencil case


“What if I start and I’m not at home?” one of the many worries preteen girls have as puberty approaches.  And it’s a worry that we can ease for them.

Give your daughter a period pencil case.  It’s a little pouch with everything she might need if she starts bleeding away from home: a pad, pants, plastic bag, tissues or wet wipes, pain relief and chocolate.  You could also include a note: ‘Let me know if you want me to collect you.’  Girls instantly feel safer.  It may even help to turn the anxiety into anticipation.

If it falls out of their bag, it won’t embarrass her.


It’s a lovely gift to give your daughter when you notice the first signs of her body changing.  It tells her that you’re thinking ahead for her.  It gives you both a chance to chat.  You can tell her what to expect, she can ask questions.  She’s well prepared.

If no-one did this for you when you were young, you may feel shy or uncertain about finding the words.  I wrote a section in my book ‘From Daughter to Woman, parenting our girls safely through their teens’ to help you.  The chapter ‘Bloody miracle or bleedin’ nuisance?’ has a guide to help you explain monthly bleeding to a preteen girl.  It’s also full of answers to questions I’m asked by girls in my Girls Journeying Together groups.

Then you might want to go on to the next chapter ‘Managing her wild and magnificent moods’!

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  1. This is great! Are these available to be purchased?

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