Making a book activity 2: what are your dreams?

Follow your dreams, they know the way…

No matter how old you are, it’s important to dream.  So many great adventures, important inventions, and even you, started with a dream.

In this week’s activity for creating our Mother-Daughter Date diary please help us to pick a magical creature from the four listed below.  Your vote counts for even more if you tell us what makes this creature special to you and send us a drawing.

  • Dragon
  • Unicorn
  • Witch
  • Fairy

Vote for your favourite in the comments below and share your drawing by emailing it to, or posting it on our Facebook page, or adding it to your Instagram story and tagging #ritesforgirls.

Here are some of your drawings

Our artist Tanja at work on your dragon

Emeralda, guardian of dreams

Tanja Hassel  2020

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  1. Here’s what some of you have told us:

    “Dragons are playful, unique, brave: LIKE ME!”
    “I like dragons because they are unpredictable and they are cool to draw.”
    “Unicorn; strong and compassionate protector”
    “Dragons because they are cool and fascinating”

  2. This week I’ve decided to go with dragon because not only can they fly and have magical powers but they can blow fire ?!!!!
    Also they are really cool because you can have different types of dragons like in Ninjago they have an ice dragon, a fire dragon, a lightning dragon and an earth dragon ?
    Love rose ?

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