Making a book activity 8: let’s rate the date!

Help us design the ‘Rate the Date’ page in our diary

This is one of our favourite pages.  Each month you have a page to plan your Mother-Daugher Date, a calendar to pick the day, a theme for the month and a picture to go with that theme.  Then there are a couple of pages for you to record the date with your words, doodles, tickets and photos.  The final page for each month gives both mother and daughter the chance to ‘rate the date’, to help you decide if this is something you’d like to do again.  

Take a look at our first draft design and help us fill in the gaps. 

  • What categories do you want us to add for you to rate your dates (we’ve suggested three)?
  • We’ve got space for a couple more questions too, what would be useful questions to ponder at the end of a date?

With your suggestions…

Girls love to rate the date!  It gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility.  We find it also sparks some great conversations about what you enjoyed about your time together.

Thank you for all your suggestions for what to include in this page, you’ll see that we’ve managed to incorporate many of them.

Watch out for our next activity on managing our big feelings.

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  1. Love, Making a plan together (in advance), WWW – what went well, EBI – even better if, leaving your phone behind (ie being present)

    • Each month will begin with a page to plan your date. Then a couple of pages to record your date. Followed by this page to ponder on WWW and how to make it EBI.
      Leaving your phone behind is a great idea, but bet it’s harder than we anticipate.

  2. I like visual stuff and would prefer a wheel with different spokes to rate the different aspects of the date. Makes me pause and think a bit more and absorb the good bits. I am a bit fast on ticking boxes!!! …and then we could see the daughter and mother ‘spider webs’ this would create. I’d also like to create an opportunity to chat about how we created the date together or a way of thinking about contributions (sharing responsibilities). Also prompts to help us find a way of recording things I appreciated (was grateful for) and encouraging my daughter to practice this too.

  3. We don’t like ticking the boxes so we just talk about what we enjoyed. We prefer creating a memory of the date with pictures, photos or writing a memory rather than a scoring process. If there is too much writing or ‘assessment’ involved it feels too much like homework than fun. I know other girls and mums love rate the date, this is how we have adapted it to suit us. So we still have the experience of talking about the date, but we record it in a different way

    • There’s a double page spread just before the Rate the Date page for you to record the date with tickets, doodles, writing and photos.

    • Great idea, we can make that the last question.

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