Making a book activity 6: our strengths

If you were an animal…

Close your eyes and think about you. And then ask yourself, if you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?

We’d love to hear what animal you pick and your reasons in the comments below.  Send us a picture too!

How about you?

After you’ve chosen your animal and told us why, think about this: often the animal we choose and the qualities we admire in that animal tells us a lot about ourselves.

The strengths of the animal we pick are often strengths we have too, or certainly it tells us what strengths we’d like to have. I bet if you told someone who knows you well, they’d be able to say what ways you are like that animal.

Your power animal.  When you’re in a situation where you need strength, you might find it helps you to imagine your animal.  To imagine you have that animal inside you even.  We all have times when it’s hard to be true to ourselves and thinking about your power animal can help.  What times might that be useful to you?  And when do you feel most yourself, when is it easiest to be you?  Part of taking good care of yourself is putting yourself in situations that make you feel comfortable.

Be you – no-one else can be!     You, just you.     Perfectly you.

Your pictures of animals you’d like to be

Be You… no-one else can be!

Bee you!

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  1. If I were an animal, I would be a buzzard because they can try and get their way out of any bad situation, and they are strong and agile. Ella age 12

  2. I think I’d be a bird, to fly and sing my entire life

  3. Amy: I would be a kingfisher because they are quite fast, they like water, they are colourful and look joyful, and are free.

  4. Maddie (age 10):
    My power animal would be a chimp because they are loyal, fast and they’re strong too. ?

  5. Mine would be an owl: observant, quiet strength, protective, wise ? ??

  6. I’d be a Tui because it’s a bird from New Zealand that has a beautiful song and I’ve always loved flying.

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