Making a book activity 5: Family

Who is in your family? What is important about those people for you? What do you like doing with them? What are your favourite memories?

This week please share a picture of your family with us, or a picture of someone in your family who means a lot to you and tell us what makes them special.

What’s the best thing about your family?

Family is home to our strongest feelings. Love is intense and so are family relationships.  We are born and grow up there, the highs and the lows are shared there, our family life impacts who we are.

Thank you for sharing photos of your favourite people with us and telling us your treasured family memories.  We hope that this Mother-Daughter Date Diary will one day become a place where you record some wonderful memories with someone who you love and who loves you.

Our artist Tanja Hassel at work

Our family of elephants for the diary

Your families

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  1. My grandmother Ione was a brave woman who made her own rules. She went with my grandfather to Africa before that was cool (and when it took weeks on a boat to get there) and she did her own adventuring while he worked on archeological digs. My Mum was born there and when I went to visit I was made to feel so welcome. Ione had five children, thirteen grandchildren and made her life a spiritual quest.

  2. My parents are my inspiration, they help people in need, they are really good friends and they support me in everything they can. I’ve learned so much with them and I would never be able to thank them enough for everything they still do for me. I love them more than anything in the world and I would give anything to be with them now ❤️

  3. My mother is amazing, we are great friends too and still go on holidays together and play games for hours when I visit. My sister and I are very close and I would call her my friend as well. I am super blessed with these two and I am grateful to have them in my life.

  4. For me, my three girls are the very best thing. As well as being both inspiration and spur they give me reason to be my best; wrestle with me verbally and emotionally as they grow (stripping me of any complacency and ego); challenge me to consider deeper and faster and, when not thieving from the larder and leaving their dirty linen everywhere, completely light up my life.
    When I asked them what family means to them, they said*: togetherness, happiness and somewhere you are safe; a place to talk about anything without anyone judging you; your biggest supporters. Family always has your back.
    *It should be noted that I chose to ask them this just after a particularly good lunch and not first thing this morning or when trying to flush them upstairs just before bed.

    • I love your honesty Gemma. Our children can bring out the best (and the worst!) in us. Yours are lucky to have you.

  5. We had a very happy teatime chatting about family memories today … people that have helped us out of some scrapes … and given us some funny stories (we never tire of the telling and retelling) … the stuff of family legends!

  6. My family is so important to me even though we live in separate countries. My mother is the most amazing woman I could have wished for as a parent and although my relationship with my sister wasn’t always the easiest when we were younger, it has been amazing since we grew up. Mum, sis and I are now friends as well as family and I feel so grateful to have them in my life ❤

  7. Fave memories as a family (from my 8 y/o): Doing everything together on holiday – going on adventures, camping, making witches flames in the fire and eating marshmallows.

  8. This is what makes them special to me: My parents (photo 1) are really kind and open, and they also have a brilliant sense of humour. My cousins (photo 2) are all younger than me, but are all extremely cute. The eldest out of them really looks up to me so, especially now I’m trying to keep in touch with him, as his parents are both NHS frontline workers. My grandparents (photo 2) are really kind and they absolutely spoil me! Because I am also home-educated, my granny teaches me maths. Poppy age 12

  9. When I was a girl I always loved meeting up with my cousins. There were lots of us, all about the same age, and we just had so much fun together. We had lots of picnics and holidays away. At Christmas we always went to see a show and we would have a big family party on Boxing Day. We have carried on that tradition with our own children and still have huge family gatherings every year. My cousins are my very special friends and I love them dearly x

  10. From Maddie (age 10): My family is very important to me because sometimes when I get anxiety or get very stressed my parents and my sister, even my dog sometimes, are always there for me and are very kind and helpful. This photo was taken in America on our 3 week trip going to different city’s and towns. We took this picture in San Francisco where we went to Alcatraz (an abandoned prison) and the Golden Gate Bridge 🙂

  11. My favourite thing about my family is all their different personalities that sometimes clash, but often make a bit of variety in my life. My sister is very cynical and sarcastic, and, while she can get quite emotional, is often very fun to play a card game or online game with. My mum can get very crazy at times and dance around the kitchen, which I join in with and we have a lot of fun. While she can be strict at times, I know she only wants to make me a good person. My dad likes showing off his muscles and his garden (I think that’s just a man thing) and while he looks very tough, he often sits down on the sofa and calls for me and my sister to give him cuddles. Sometimes that can be quite annoying, but other times it’s really nice just to have a hug with your dad.

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