Making a book activity 4: what does good friendship look like?

Our activity this week is for you and a friend to do at the same time.  Click on this link to print this picture of two cute pigs to colour in.   Send a copy to your friend to colour in at the same time as you then see how the two pictures turn out differently.   Please share your pictures with us by emailing them to or posting them on our Facebook page and we’ll publish them here.  A winning pair will both win a copy of the diary.

Different friendships

We have a variety of friendships – close friends, long-time friends, new friends, activity-based friends, family friends… each one can mean something different to us.  One person might be loads of fun, another one good in a crisis, or great for a long chat about a shared interest.  Friends are precious.  

What do you look for in a friend?

There are some qualities that are important to find in every friendship.  If ever someone we call a friend doesn’t have these qualities, it’s wise to ask yourself whether they really are a friend; and while you may have no choice over spending time with them, you can choose to have less to do with them.

Good friends are like gold, treasure them.

Your pig pictures

Thank you for all your pig pictures. We love how different they all are. We also appreciated hearing how much your friends mean to you. We’re all missing our friends during this period of lock-down which is why we gave you an activity to do together online this week. Please keep your pictures coming, we’ll publish them all on our website. The winners of our draw for a copy of the diary when it’s published are friends: Hollie and Francesca.

Here is how our artist Tanja coloured in her pigs. This picture and the colouring-in page will be in your diary.

Our artist Tanja’s pig picture

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  1. Lara (5 years old) ❤️
    She said she misses playing with all her friends and that sometimes they call each other on zoom or FaceTime and she loves it ?

  2. Maddie (age 10)
    She’s missing her friends but talks to them often on FaceTime, and they sometimes play Minecraft or Roblox together ?

  3. My 8 y/o: Good friends can keep a secret, can comfort me and can be there if I need them.
    I chose my mummy and my brother because we could do this together in the house and talk to each other and listen to piano music as we coloured.
    The top one is called ‘pig harlequin’ (by my mummy and brother). The bottom one is mine. It’s called ‘pigs in a tunnel’.

  4. Friends Hollie and Francesca coloured at the same time with facetime… It was fun! ?

    • We love that Hollie and Francesca’s pictures are so different.

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