Making a book activity 15: Caring for you!

Caring for yourself is one of the most important things you can possibly do.  When you’re healthy inside and out, you can do so much more – more fun stuff, more hard things, and more for others.

If you’re not sure how to take care of yourself, pretend that you are your best friend; what would they say you needed?

Let’s inspire each other. Tell us in the comments all the different ways that you take care of yourself. Then read other people’s suggestions and borrow an idea from someone else’s list below.

Help us choose an animal

What’s the best animal for our artist to draw to symbolise caring for yourself?

Everyone who contributes to our diary is entered into our draw to win a copy of the Mother-Daughter Date diary that we’re all making together.

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  1. From our family: not breaking bones 😳, balancing how much food, sleep 😴 and drink also remembering the small but important freedoms.. choosing a hand sanitiser that my skin likes, feeling the temperature of the water on my feet while swimming and choosing to get up a little earlier to sit outdoors with the first cup of tea of the day ☺️

    • These are such great, simple and practical ways of taking good care. Thank you.

  2. 9 y/o: going back to school! talking to an adult about your worries, not letting yourself create/tell yourself stories, cuddle your pet

  3. My cats come to mind. They are so meticulous when washing themselves and they make themselves comfy wherever they sit.

    • Cats (lots of sleep and self-cleaning)?

  4. My budgies. They keep feeding, drinking, they clean their feathers one by one every single day (it’s the way birds make sure they can fly and keeping their feathers clean it’s a maintenance of self care for them. They chirp when they are happy, content and excited (and they also voice their complaints) lol

    • I was thinking of a bird preening, but I couldn’t flesh it out further

    • I was thinking about birds too! Gold finches seem to have such good fun and enjoy life! Or maybe a bird that builds an amazing nest home?

  5. Something that can wrap its wings around itself and create its own little love cave.

  6. Dog. They know how to ignore surroundings & just chill & relax. 🐶💜

  7. Cat 🐈 because they seem to do a pretty good job of looking after themselves!

  8. Pandas for their gentleness and protectiveness with their young. Also they are very comical.

  9. Owl 🦉 x x Peaceful *exchanges* of wisdom

  10. Rats ☺️ they live in groups and always love and care for each other… also, they’re some of the cleanest animals around they spend as many hours a day as a cat cleaning themselves and they’re as intelligent as puppies!

  11. Gorgeous, I love otters. They are so entertaining !

  12. Love otters! Yes!!
    Otters remind me to play! To make free, unstructured time for myself.

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