Making a book activity 11: Role models

Tell us about the women who inspire you.  It could be someone you know or someone who is famous.  They might be someone from the past or someone in your life now.  Tell us their name, who they are and what it is about them that inspires you.  Add a picture too if you can.

Who inspires you?

Everyone needs a mentor

Thank you for sending us in such a rich variety of amazing women who inspire you.  Now, here’s something interesting, take a look at your reasons why they inspired you because that tells you a lot about you!  Often the qualities that we admire in someone else are either qualities that we also have or we want to develop.  So you’re probably more like your role model than you realise.

We all need role models, to learn from and to aspire to.  It’s also really important to have mentors, people you can talk to, ask for guidance, share your feelings with.  Who do you know that ‘gets you’, who understands you, maybe is a bit like you, or how you’d like to be..  We’ve all got our parents but it’s good to also have people who aren’t so closely involved with our lives who we can turn to when we need support.  Who do you know who could be that person for you?  Or how would you like a mentor to be?  Keep an eye out for someone who could be a mentor for you.

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  1. Jane Goodall
    and Elizabeth Fry (from my daughter)

  2. Jean Rhys, Angela Carter and Jeannette Winterson ?

  3. Miss Keenor. She was my maths teacher in the ‘70s at Dorking Grammar (laterThe Ashcombe School) and a national leader in mixed ability maths teaching. I think about her frequently when planning my own lessons even now!

  4. I have many women who inspire me, my Nan, Mum, my 2 daughters, my mother an sister in-laws. And my 3 lovely friends. ❤️

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