Black lives matter

As Rites for Girls’ mission is to work towards a better world we join in the global uprising to address the oppression of people of colour everywhere.
With sadness in our hearts, fire in our bellies, and focus on the essential work at this time of challenge, we are being called to channel every breath, every penny, every creative deed to creating a more just, equitable, inclusive, and safe world.

We believe no-one should ever have to face the oppressive realities that marginalised people around the world live with every day.  Together we aim to become fully aware of what has been going on for far too long and to play our part in making the changes that are so necessary.

Below are some of the small steps we can be taking as we open our eyes, our hearts, our minds, and our hands in this critically transformational time.
  • Protesting safely.
  • Learning about one another’s socio-cultural locations. Humbly opening to our blind spots.
  • Recognising how our privileges impact the oppressive realities of people in our communities.
  • Daring to have the hard conversations about race and equality.
  • Communicating our genuine sorrow for the ways we have hurt and dishonoured the people of colour in our lives. Moving beyond words into action.
  • Providing access to opportunities for learning and leading to the under-resourced people in our lives.

As we navigate our way through this global rite of passage, we move towards healing, reconciliation, and reparation so critical to the sustainability of all human relations.

Statement of intent:

Rites for Girls wishes to be inclusive, where everyone feels welcome and able to belong exactly as they are.  We recognise that this requires attention and further work on our part and we are committed to a process of self-reflection, awareness training and openness to suggestion.

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