Making a book activity 10: Play

How do you have fun?

What did you like to play when you were younger?  What are your favourite games now? 

Ask your mum what games she played when she was young.  And what she likes now.  We’d love to hear your answers in the comments below (or on our Facebook page).

This week we can’t decide whether a picture of monkeys or of dolphins is more playful, which would you pick?  Whichever has the most votes will decide which animal our artist will draw this week for our diary’s theme-of-the-month of play.

You’re never too old to play!

Dolphins won your vote as the most playful animal and here’s Tanja’s picture capturing their playful nature.

We love how so many of you have discovered that the games that are played now are often the same as the games played by parents and grandparents.  Catch, hide ‘n seek, skipping – they just might have different names now.

What other games did you play?

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  1. Hi Kim,
    Oh, my favourite game. My brother and I had this game where we were on our climbing frame and Mom was on the ground. Then she would try to catch us and tickle us!

    One of my Mom’s favourite games was swinging on a swing, jumping off it and seeing how far she could jump!

    I would say dolphins are more playful because I think of a dolphin playing ball. But my Mom thinks a monkey. We can’t decide!

    • No wonder your mum thinks monkey if her favourite game was swinging.

  2. I loved french skipping! It was a game we enjoyed in the school playground which involved jumping over and through a long loop of elastic. You needed three people to play, as two people had the elastic loop around the legs and the third person was the ‘Jumper’. Does anyone know this game or was it just my school? I would like to vote for cheeky monkeys ???

    • We played ‘elastics’: jingle, jangle, centre, spangle, jingle, jangle, out! You had wide-sies, narrow-sies, and high-sies.

  3. I introduced my daughter to elastics. Fave for both of us 35 yrs apart. Also 40/40 or Relievo or Kick the can (same game, diff names for diff generations).

  4. We played endless games of hide and seek as children, and I did the same with my own daughters when they were younger. Now they still like to play Cluedo and Trivial Pursuit (kids vs adults) – also family games I enjoyed as a preteen and teenager. We also love to play cards: black jack, whist, chase the ace, 21 and rummy are all favourites in our house that were also played in my house growing up ?

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