Making a book activity 1: Favourite pets

Animals are great companions.  It’s easy to talk to them and they seem to understand exactly how we’re feeling and know just what we need.

We’re going to start making our book with a picture of a pet and you’re going to help us choose which one.  Please tell us in comments below what animals you have as pets.  Or would like to have as a pet.  Tell us your pet’s name and what makes them special.  Show us a photo.

Let us know about your pets by Friday and that will decide the picture for the first month in the diary.  Our artist, Tanja will work over the weekend on a picture of the favourite pet which we’ll show you on Monday (before our next activity on Tuesday).

Here’s our winner!

Dogs are the winners in your vote for favourite pet!  Our artist Tanja worked over the weekend on the first picture for our book and here she is, a sausage dog.  But what shall we call her?  Give us your suggestions in comments and we’ll announce her name tomorrow.

We loved hearing about all your pets.  The animals that share your homes sound like they give you so much fun, friendship and love.  So many of them seem to understand how you’re feeling, especially when you’re poorly or sad.

Tomorrow we’ll tell you this week’s activity in making our book together – what magical creatures do we want to include?

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  1. Hi Kim,
    I have two cats, who are called pip and pumpkin. Pumpkin is a bit bonkers and very funny, whereas pip is just a bit like a floppy cuddly teddy bear, and he spends most of his time in a shoebox purring. They are both extremely fluffy and unbelievably cute 😀
    I used to have a beautiful pony called Andy, and I would love to get a black Labrador puppy.

    • Pip and Pumpkin, what great names Poppy!

  2. I have a dog called Bailey, she is a very special dog because she always likes to comfort me when I`m unhappy or sad. I like playing with her when we go to Harrison Park and how she always drops the ball onto my skateboard when she wants me to throw it for her.

    • Bailey sounds like a true friend Maddie.

  3. I have a pet called Tilly. we also call her T bag, t pop, t monster and my dad also calls here her a big brown rat (as a joke !)
    she is a brown working Cocker spaniel. she is adorable.
    she is very very special to me. she has a funny habit for sitting on your chair, so when you go to sit down you can’t get the chair to move. also from our point of view, let’s say we are watching a movie… the dog isn’t allowed up stairs…. but she thinks if she moves very slowly, no one can see her!
    Tilly is 4 years old

    • I love Tilly’s slow-moving ploy.

  4. My pet Jazz is a 2-year-old Italian Greyhound, with gorgeous markings that stand out from the crowd. She comforts me when I get angry, by licking away my tears. Lovingly she stares into my eyes, to say thank you for her yummy surprise. She never bites or yaps, but loves to sleep curled up on my lap. All she wants to do is lay on her hot water bottle, so she doesn’t shiver, but sometimes she does quiver. Very intelligent my doggy is, she is a little bit of a logic whizz. My best friend is sleek, agile and caring just look, so please put her in your book.

    How do I send a photo?

  5. I have a dog called Ginny and a rabbit called Buckley. They are both very cuddly pets; I’ve had Buckley for around 5 years and he lost a sister and a friend, he also loves to be held like a baby and when he does he makes an adorable squeaking sound. Ginny is always up for playing and always up for a cuddle even in the middle of a walk. whenever a stranger, or any one in fact, she goes crazy and doesn’t stop barking! I wouldn’t give them up for the world! ❤

    • Thanks for telling us about Ginny and Buckley, Elspeth. They sound cuddly and fun – a perfect combination.

  6. Top Dog!

    Hi, we have a dog. Marcus is our 3 year old wire-haired sausage dog and he is the best dog in the world (even our cat loving friends want to take him home). He is tender and gentle, patient and kind and is happiest doing whatever we’re doing, snuggling with us in front of a film, tearing around outside in the mud when its wild or stealing biscuits when no-one’s looking. Marcus is wise beyond his years, loyal beyond belief and irrepressibly up for anything. these things make him the best friend possible.
    Gemma, Milly and Jemima

    • Devoted friend, precious member of the family, darling Marcus.

  7. We have 2 budgies as pets but the kids would also want a dog.
    Our budgies are both female – Jade and Blue.
    Jade is a sweetheart, super calm, loves cuddles and play. Blue is a little madam, very bossy, very selfish. Loves to sing and do acrobatics with her toys but doesn’t like cuddles or being handled.

  8. I would like to have a cute puppy that is playful and friendly.i would like to call her Sparkle she has magical healing powers ?xxx

    • When we hear how many of your pets comfort you especially when you’re ill or upset, it sounds like lots of pets do have healing powers. Bet Sparkle would too.

  9. Our beautiful cat Toothless, named after the dragon in ‘How to train your dragon’ by my 9 Year old son. He is my constant companion, never too far away from my side. Adopting him has absolutely saved me ❤️

    • Pets, so often our saviours, are ever more precious now that we’re much more at home. Toothless looks gorgeous.

  10. My new kitty was rescued from a bad situation and now lives with me! He needs a wash but is still a little too scared for one. He likes looking out the window so we’ve also built him a shelf to sit on. He doesnt have a name yet, but with are thinking AlCATraz, as hes now escaped from a cage 🙂

    • He’s so lucky to have found you Tryphena

  11. My favourite is Skimbleshanks. He’s a Tonkinese cat and a true patriarch. He adores dogs and all people. He rides on shoulders, sleeps cuddled up to me all night, and, most impressive of all, brought up his nieces and nephews when his sister died tragically 4 weeks after giving birth to them. He took on the maternal role and did a bang-up job.
    Skimble is a very special man. X

    • We love the Skimbles of this world

  12. My beautiful Rosa she is a playful and smart miniature schnauzer who loves cuddles and walks on the beach. xxx

    • My grandmother used to breed Schnauzers, she had five bitches and what seemed to 5-year-old-me like hundreds of puppies.

  13. Maizy our dog, she is 4 years old and we could never imagine life without her! She is always there for us with lots of love and cuddles, specially when we are feeling down ❤️?

    • Love and cuddles and knowing to give those when we’re feeling down, clever Maizy.

  14. Our cat ‘Tiger’. He sleeps outside my daughter Izzy’s room to protect her and make her feel safe. They play running races in the field and he herds our hens to keep them safe too. He doesn’t leave her side if she’s poorly. He’s our super cat!

    • Lucky Izzy to have her own protective tiger.

  15. Ringo our rescued saluki lurcher. Bay (my daughter) says “Ringo is very cheeky. He loves stealing things from my room so that I chase him around the garden. He gets us out walking as a family and loves ear tickles”.

    • Thank you for telling us about Ringo, Bay. It’s clever of him to have figured out how to get him to play with him in the garden!

  16. Sara Newton We have Ferdy. He’s 12 years old, he’d love to join girls group! He looks scary but he loves cuddles and food. He’s so lovable.

  17. Our dog Biscuit! She came to us just before the world changed. And she’s been a little ray of light. Our daughter still can’t believe she’s ours!

    • What brilliant timing Biscuit, you’re going to get lots of attention and be a gift to all the family in strange times.

  18. Our dog Buddy. He’s 11 weeks old and welcomed at our house, right before the lockdown. He’s super affectionate, very fun and loves his food.

    • Perfect timing Buddy. We’re home with lots of time to really appreciate our furry family members.

  19. My name’s indigo I am ten. My pet is Coco he is an absynian long haired guinea pig. He means a lot to me. When I am sad and I lie down he comes up and puts his nose against mine and comforts me. He is very gentle and always up for cuddles. When I put him on the grass so he can have a nibble he likes to come up to me and cuddle into me while he nibbles. Almost like he feels safe there. He is extremely important to me and when I am with him I feel very, very happy and content. I like to think that he is happy with me to.

    • Hi Indigo, Coco sounds like a good friend who knows when you need comfort and also finds your cuddles comforting to him. He looks like he’d be lovely to stroke. Thanks for showing him to us.

  20. My cat Shadow, he’s loving the window spot (over the radiator) in this photo.

  21. Hi, I’m social media expert from Rites for Girls and I’ll also share my favourite animal. Elvis, my dog ?❤️

  22. My puppy Misha.
    I fell in love with Briards when I had a serious accident while holidaying in France as a teenager. There was some film in which a Briard featured, and me already being dog-mad, decided to find out more about them.
    When I was in my late 20s and married, I found a local breeder and befriended her, and helped groom her 8 Briards, went to shows, etc. Then she offered me a 5 year old rescue, who we of course adopted. We only had 5 years with her, but she was an amazing dog, so after she passed, I promised myself I’d one day have another, this time a fawn.
    Last year the time was right. I now have the dog I have longed for the past 35 years.
    She is a work in progress, but I adore her and she me.

    • Aren’t we all a work-in-progress? I think our pets and children sometimes help to teach us what we need to learn…

  23. My pet rat, Midnight. She’s kind and makes me laugh. In a way she can hug you – even though she’s a rat.

  24. I have 2 Guinea Pigs Rainbow ? and Sugar

  25. Cats! Clem is an integral part of the family, he even came to Hong Kong with us. He allows himself to be carried, cuddled, brushed. Even more intensely at the moment. Flossie openly calls him “my emotional support animal”

  26. My doggies are the boss of the house

  27. This comment is from my daughter (age 10):
    ‘I have a dog called Bailey, she is a very special dog because she always likes to comfort me when I`m unhappy or sad. I like playing with her when we go to Harrison Park and how she always drops the ball onto my skateboard when she wants me to throw it for her.’

    • Bailey sounds like a great friend.

  28. Hi, I’m the author of this project. We have two cats Lily and Pango (aka therapy cat). Pango thinks he’s a panther and he’s the only male allowed at Girls Journeying Together group.

  29. I love my dog Evie who is a cheeky cocker spaniel! Everybody in the family adores her, she is 3 years old. She is very funny and has a door bell that she rings with her nose to get in and out if the house. She listens to everybody’s secrets and looks after us when we are sad or ill. She gives the best cuddles and always wants to be with us, sometimes she even sits on my head! She is the best dog ever and we all love her very much ???❤️❤️❤️

    • Hello Evie, you sound like a great family friend (except for the sitting on people’s head part!)

  30. I have 1 dog “Digby”. He is the gentlest, kindest dog. He looks after our 2 cats and treats them with respect.
    Our cats are both rescue cats. Anouska talks! She answers questions with a miaow in the right tone and she loves to be cuddled. Margot is our other cat. She is 2 and just loves life! She is either playing hard or sleeping and she makes us laugh!

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