How can we avoid burnout?

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We recently hosted another free webinar: We can avoid burnout! Here's what we discovered...


According to our attendees, feeling drained was their biggest sign that they were approaching burnout.   Other tell-tale signs were finding themselves addicted to screen time, and over-eating.

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So what can we do to avoid burnout?

Here’s what our participants said helped them avoid burnout:

Notice how many of these things cost nothing and only take a few moments.  Have a read and be inspired. 

  • Good boundaries
  • Pausing before reacting
  • Getting back into meditation
  • Booking a ‘me’ day
  • Going to bed earlier
  • Yoga
  • Walk in nature every day
  • Drink enough water
  • Being less driven with myself about getting things done on my ‘to do’ list. 
  • Delegating more! 
  • Get off my phone 
  • Asking partner to take a responsibility from me, FULLY, so it’s not help me out, it’s actually owning it so it doesn’t take space in my head anymore. 

A sense of purpose

Another thing that helps you avoid burnout is having a sense of purpose in your life. Here’s what our participants said gives them a sense of purpose:

  • Living intentionally, being mindful where I put my time and energy, feeling in alignment 
  • Meaning, or joy, comes for me when I sing lovely choral music e.g. Verdi’s Requiem 
  • Finish my stories and ask someone to read them, get them sent to a publisher!😍 
  • Making memories with my friends and family – isn’t that we’re all here for?! 
  • My work with Rites for Girls, singing, walking, tending to my animals, gardening, writing. 
  • Spreading creativity to all so that they can use it as a self-help tool
  • Mentoring young people, volunteering 
  • I really enjoy being helpful to others, that gives me purpose 
  • My children, good friends, clients.  Growing and learning, stretching myself!  About to learn to kayak ahead of a holiday with my daughter – didn’t expect to be doing that at my age! 

We asked our participants: what's one thing you'll do this week to help avoid burnout?


  • SING 
  • I’m going to see the outside world more often – and NOT through the window! 
  • I am going to not feel guilty anymore about giving myself time to breathe 
  • I’m going to be mindful that what gives me purpose and also nourishes me. 
  • Write one positive thing I’ve done each day 
  • Take up yoga again and set time aside for me every day 
  • Short walk at work every day. Breathing and meditation regularly 
  • Stick to my reading 
  • I’m going to book Wednesday afternoon as a ME day….details of what will fill it TBC (dance/write/draw/create) 
  • I’m going to continue to carve time for the things I need for me: yoga, swimming, cycling, reading, singing, quiet 
  • I am going to go outside more – “nature snacking” – breathing and listening to the birds for 5 minutes 
  • Habit stacking! 

Feedback from the webinar

“Do it!  I really enjoyed giving myself this time, I’ve come away with practical tips, resolve, and was inspired.”

The time went very quickly! As a free resource it was amazing. I could very happily have spent longer. Thank you!”

“It will help you gain insights about yourself and get great ideas on helping recognise the signs of burnout. It is nurturing and positive in a very gently supportive way

“Reminder of the importance of looking after myself and putting myself first and the motivation to make some changes”

“Thank you for an inspirational workshop. I got some really great ideas to implement stress relief for myself.”

The next in our series of free webinars and events is our upcoming Lunchtime Live…


Lunchtime Live: Smooth Transitions – Making the leap to the next school year stress-free

As the school year is coming to a close, an issue that is on many parents’ minds is: How can I help my child move up a year happily? Particularly if you’re navigating the change from primary to secondary school, but at any age, moving up a year can bring challenges: new teachers, new classroom, subjects, friendship groups, and potentially… a fresh start! How can we help our children navigate this shift, making it calm and well supported, both for them and us as parents? Join  Kim for an informal chat (bring your lunch!) as she discusses this topic for about 30 minutes on Facebook Live.

Monday 1st July

Book onto this event here.

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