Are you burnt out? 4 recovery tips for parents

Do you feel tired all the time?  Irritable, overwhelmed, impatient, anxious?  You’re not alone.

Being a parent is tough and we all struggle sometimes.  But just pushing yourself harder when you already feel like you’re not doing so well isn’t going to make things better.
We can’t control the challenges that come our way, but we can choose how we respond.  You’ll be a much better parent once you’ve taken care of yourself a little.

Try these:

  1. Take five minutes for yourself every day.  Just five minutes.  It doesn’t sound like much, but a little can go a long way.  
    Pause. Do something for you. If in doubt, breathe out.
  2. Stop trying to be a perfect parent.  Nobody wants a perfect parent – and too many of us are trying to be one.  It sends a message to your children that you need them to be perfect too.  Impossible for everyone.  Lighten up on yourself.
  3. Dwell on what’s good. When we are tired we tend to exaggerate the negatives, so balance that by noticing the good things too, no matter how small.
  4. Don’t suffer alone! Find other understanding parents to talk to. 

We can support you.  Join a small group of parents in ‘Parenting through difficult times’, our 3-week online course guiding parents in doing their best parenting through challenging times.

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