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Join our Facilitator Training in Europe

starting April 2022

A unique opportunity to become involved in pioneering work with pre-teen girls, led by Kim McCabe and Helena Løvendal.

Do you have an affinity for the teenage stage of life?

  • Would you like to join a group of women supporting mothers and daughters in making the transition from girl to woman into a life-enhancing experience?
  • Remembering your own issues from your teenage years, are you interested in exploring the importance of this life stage in more depth?

You can acquire the skills and knowledge to deliver year-long Girls Journeying Together groups and become affiliated to a professional association.

Facilitator Training Webinar – see if this training is for you

Saturday 8th January 2022 6 – 7:30pm GMT

90 minute live session with Kim and Helena

Free, by invitation on registration

This is an opportunity to meet Kim and Helena, ask your questions, hear about Girls Journeying Together groups and how you would be trained and supported to run them. We will be interested to hear what draws you to this work and can help you to decide if this training is right for you at this time in your life.

Before this session, please read our frequently asked questions website pages and the detailed information that is sent to you on registering your interest.

Our next training is in England starting in April 2022. Add yourself to our mailing list to hear about our next trainings and join the webinar for detailed information which, alongside our frequently asked questions pages, will answer many of your questions.

Hear from our apprentice facilitators

Rites for Girls International Facilitator Training

This professional programme is taught by Kim McCabe and Helena Løvendal and is a mixture of residential group training, individual support, peer groups, written work, and supervised practical experience.  The course includes three residential modules of 9 days: April, June and October 2022.

Start earning within months of beginning the programme!

This investment in your career provides you with meaningful employment that can fit well alongside raising a family and other commitments.  Partway into the course, participants will have the opportunity to start earning through their supervised facilitation of a Girls Journeying Together group.  Within two years you can have recouped the cost of the training fees by running your own girls’ groups.

Who can train to be a Girls Journeying Together group facilitator?

Training is being offered to women who have some experience of being with girls aged 11-18 years, and who already have some group-work training, counselling skills, or other relevant experience such as youth work or teaching.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how your experience could lend itself to this training.  As we have a limited number of places, once the course is full we will hold a waiting list for our next European training in 2022 and 2023.

This is important pioneering work — you can make a difference

Rites for Girls will be offering this programme in Australia and America as well as Europe.  Enquire now:

Hear from Kim, the girls and their mothers

What’s gone wrong?

She’s three and she sticks her tummy out proudly.
She’s thirteen and she sucks her tummy in shamefully.
What went wrong?

She climbs a tree to play at being a spy.
She sits in her room posting selfies to be liked.
What went wrong?

She says, “No! Stop it!” to the little boy who snatches her toy.
She says nothing to the teenage boyfriend who takes it a bit far.
What went wrong?

Be part of the solution

We need women to help girls emerge from adolescence as strong as they went in.  We can teach you to facilitate Girls Journeying Together groups supporting girls safely through their teens.

Demand is growing — we need more facilitators!

Teenagers are stressed.  Many girls are feeling the pressure to do well at school, look good, stay connected on social media, get on with their parents, and fit in with their peers.  Sadly many girls are showing the signs of not coping and mental health concerns are on the rise.

Would you like to be able to support girls through this challenging phase?

Rites for Girls facilitator training gives you the skills and knowledge to deliver year-long Girls Journeying Together groups as part of a professional association.  These groups meet monthly (to give girls a sense of what monthly feels like) and prepare the girls for the changes to come.

What can you give the girls?

In Girls Journeying Together groups girls learn about puberty, share their hopes and fears, and help each other into their teens.  They discover what is important to them, think about their futures, form firm friendships — and build the confidence to be themselves.  At the end of a year each group finishes with a celebration.  You continue to support the girls right through the teen years by inviting them to meet twice a year.

You can guide girls through their adolescence, reducing some of the pressures and helping them to emerge into adulthood as strong, sure, capable young women.

Kim McCabe

Kim McCabe has been the Director of Rites for Girls since she founded it in 2011 and is a home-educating mother of three.  As originator and facilitator of Girls Journeying Together programmes she offers year-long groups for girls with simultaneous support for their mothers.  She studied child psychology at Cambridge University, was a counsellor to distressed teenagers, and taught sex education in schools and youth groups.  She also trained as an assertiveness trainer, a 5Rhythms shamanic dance teacher, and a business management consultant.  After thirty years of researching and working with young people, Kim has found a way to support girls healthily through their teens and is author of ‘From Daughter to Woman, parenting girls safely through their teens’ published by Robinson Publishing in 2018.

Helena Løvendal

Helena Løvendal was born in Denmark in 1958.  She has worked in private practice in London, UK, since 1988, is co-founder and Director of The Centre For Gender Psychology & Creative Couple Work, and originator of ‘Ways of Woman’ inner leadership programs which she has led since 1993.  Helena offers psychotherapy, coaching, and workshops for individuals and couples, as well as specialist training and supervision for professionals in the field of relationship and sex and gender relations in the UK, Scandinavia, Russia, and mainland Europe.  One of the first qualified Sexual Grounding Therapists®, she is a SGT Senior Trainer and has been Head of Education SGT International since May 2013. Her first book ‘Sex, Love and the Dangers of Intimacy – a Guide to Passionate Relationships when the “Honeymoon” is over’, published by HarperCollins in 2002, was re-published in 2010 by Lone Arrow Press.

Limited places

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