Charting your cycle so you’re in charge


A workshop to share what we know in a small group of girls.

Next workshop happening Saturday 20th June 2020 from 2pm — 5pm.

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Want to know what day to expect your period? And whether you’ll be bleeding on holiday or during exams?
Even out the changes in your mood.  Feel more in control.
Cramps, spots, tiredness, irritability, weepiness, can all be made more manageable.
Come along and share what you already know works for you and learn some more.

3 reviews for Charting your cycle so you’re in charge

  1. Lynne

    My daughter came home happily chatting about what this workshop had taught her. The charts given to take home have allowed her to see the rhythm of her cycle so she has a great tool to organise herself with. I enjoyed every minute of her sharing how hormones can make women feel and what she can do to help herself. I felt her confidence blossom within herself. She even offered me some tips which was beautiful (and reminders of things I had forgotten). Kim has shared her wisdom & knowledge with so much kindness. Shared with other girls, it is a blessing for our young women to listen to each other stories in confidence without judgement. With lots of fun too! Highly recommend your daughter has this opportunity for herself.

  2. Pippa (verified owner)

    Another wonderful workshop from Kim. Rites for Girls has truly been such an enormous gift to both myself and my daughter. The Charting Your Cycle workshop provided my daughter with an opportunity to learn about her cycles in an beautiful and empowered way. There was so much she learnt, not only about the wondrous complexity of her female body, but also about the many ways in which she can best support herself. I love that my daughter is then able to share what she has learnt with me, which enriches our connection, our understanding of ourselves and each other, and always leaves us in awe of our incredible bodies.

  3. Calypso

    I really enjoyed the Rites for Girls Tracking Your Period workshop. In modern day life, I feel we are not educated and taught about our cycles and how exactly to track them, and it’s actually really important for us to know! It was so informative and incredibly helpful (our bodies are AMAZING). Kim is a brilliant mentor, which helps hugely.

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