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One-hour online or telephone sessions
£90     (Girls Journeying Together girls: £60)

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    Parenting guidance: to talk through your concerns and figure out your best way forward.

    Rite of Passage Guidance: I can help you to create something meaningful and acceptable to your daughter.  It can be simple and small or it can be grander and more involved.  It can happen when she turns 13 or 16 or starts her period or any other moment when it just feels right.  It’s always powerful and she’ll remember it her whole life.

    If your daughter has been participating in a Girls Journeying Together group, then you’ve done the preparation.  What comes next is your daughter’s own ceremony to mark her maturing, it’s important to complete the process.

    In one or two sessions I can guide you through preparing your daughter and creating something unique to celebrate her.

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    Parenting guidance, Parenting guidance (daughter in GJT group), Rite of passage guidance, Rite of passage guidance (daughter in GJT group), Discount for three sessions

    2 reviews for Book Sessions with Kim

    1. Camille

      Kim helped me navigate my way into preparation for my daughter’s rite of passage. In one Skype session we covered what my vision was, what refining it needed and what possible emotions I could be feeling, as indeed it is a very delicate and tender moment for a mother as well. Her kindness and preparation helped me bring into focus and awareness other factors that I had not thought about and was impressed about how committed she was on this being a special moment for a teenage girl, by really focusing on her needs and possible issues that could arise. I highly recommend a session with Kim as a first step into this beautiful and necessary offering for our teen daughters.

    2. Trishna Shah

      I see Kim as a wisdom keeper, who has found her calling in supporting the journey of young girls into an empowered womanhood in a variety of way. I felt so blessed to have her support in planning my daughter’s rite of passage, which my daughter initially had very clear ideas about and then completely changed what she wanted in typical teen fashion! I was quite concerned about getting it “right” as it is such an important event; Kim’s gentle, knowledgeable and wise guidance and coaching helped me to pick out the simple threads that were important to my daughter and design something with an element of surprise (which my daughter had said she would like) but also something where she feels comfortable enough not feel awkward. Kim’s advice was centred around the needs of my daughter and she tactfully explained that while I may have something particular in mind, the most important thing was that my daughter felt comfortable with it all. Kim guided me through the elements of a typical rite of passage and how I could translate some of these into the preparation for my daughter’s rite of passage. My daughter was part of a GJT group and the stories that she had heard about rites of passage during that inspired her and gave her some grounding and preparation. Trishna

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