This training will change you.  It will change you as a woman and also, if you are one, as a mother.  You will become the woman that the twelve-year-old-you needed.

You will learn how to facilitate small groups of pre-teen girls, meeting monthly for a year, as they practice being true to themselves, learn about puberty, share their hopes and fears, and help each other into their teens.

This work is preventative, keeping girls free of many of the mental health issues that are so prevalent amongst teens today.  You can guide girls through adolescence, reducing some of the pressures and helping them to emerge into adulthood as strong, sure, capable young women.

This professional training is an investment in your career.  Provided you meet the course requirements you will qualify as an accredited Girls Journeying Together group facilitator.  You will then be eligible to join the Rites for Girls Association which will promote and support you to run these groups.

Running Girls Journeying Together groups provides you with really meaningful employment.  You will touch deeply the lives of the girls that you work with.