Once you’re accredited you can charge £35 per girl per month, so with a group of 12 girls that’s £385 per month or £4,620 per annum per group (having paid your £35pm license fee).  If you ran four groups a month you would earn £18,480pa.

We also want to reach girls from less affluent families and we’re aware that some of you will want to offer girls’ groups to less advantaged girls so we have plans for a bursary fund to subsidise their membership of your groups.

Initially, when you run your first supervised group as part of your training, we suggest a maximum of ten girls charging them no more than £20 each, potentially earning you £2,400pa.

Aside from your investment in your training there are minimal costs in establishing yourself as a Girls Journeying Together facilitator.  Within one year of being qualified to run girls’ groups you can recoup what you paid to train and set up.