Kim developed Girls Journeying Together groups alongside home-educating three children.  If you do have children it helps you become a better informed parent and, once you’re qualified, this work balances really well with raising a family or other commitments.  All you need is someone who can look after your children for three hours on the days that you run the group; everything else, the admin and planning, can fit around family life.

Understandably many women are challenged by the idea of leaving their children for the residential training modules.  Our current apprentices have had to call on the support of family and friends and have been amazed at the unexpected benefits to all on discovering that the family can manage without them!

Your first year of running a Girls Journeying Together group, closely supervised by us, will be your most intense part of the training.  Expect your organisation time to be greatest in this first year as you prepare to run each session for the first time.