Absolutely.  As soon as women attend one of our training taster days they understand why this is necessary.  The training is intense and covers a lot in a short space of time.  You will need to revisit your own pre-teen years in addition to learning how to deliver the Girls Journeying Together programme.  The girls’ groups are different every time, so you will need to acquire the skills to be responsive to the needs of each group of girls and have many tools at your disposal so you can adapt to what they bring to each month’s meeting.

Engaging in the dual process that this training requires will be demanding but rewarding work.  Facilitating a Girls Journeying Together group can seem deceptively simple to the untrained and inexperienced.  In reality, this simple appearance is rooted in a complexity of psychotherapeutic skills and personal psychological competences — hence the length and the format of this training.  Just as the girls attending the groups experience themselves changed by the end of the year, so you also will experience yourself and each other differently by the end of this training.  Expect to emerge as the women the young girl inside you was waiting for!

We understand that for many women leaving your children presents a challenge.  Running Girls Journeying Together groups can fit well alongside family life but to attend the training will require the support of your family and friends.  Previous apprentice facilitators report unexpected benefits to having sorted out this important part of being able to commit to the training.