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Sarah Blagg picture

Sarah Blagg

Accredited Girls Journeying Together Facilitator

Town: Sheffield, England
Girls Journeying Together groups: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

I am passionate about helping girls to develop a healthy, vibrant relationship with their own unique body, heart, mind and creative spirit. I believe it is vital to learn to trust oneself and feel able to dream outside of the box. I hope to inspire girls to follow their dreams.

Girls Journeying Together groups can empower girls to feel well informed, supported and nourished by each other at this time of transition in their lives while having fun together! I offer down to earth guidance, information, wisdom and support. Girls Journeying Together groups provide a space where each girl can be herself as she is and as she is becoming. Learning in a friendship circle based on mutual respect and trust helps to nurture a sense of self-confidence which is so beneficial for life.

I love the creative art forms. I am a 5Rhythms Dance Teacher, Open Floor Movement Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Artist and mother of two girls. I am Canadian, married to a Brit and living in the UK since 2005. I have degrees in both Art Education Specialization and Sculpture/Installation. I speak English and French. I love this planet Earth, nature and am a great believer in making positive change for the next generations. I offer Girls Journeying Together Groups in our home in Sheffield in a lovely space with a garden.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or sign up to my free taster session.

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