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Anya Kingsley

Accredited Girls Journeying Together Facilitator

Town: Norwich, UK
Girls Journeying Together groups: Norwich

Girls need a strong community of women around them. I offer a safe and supportive space within our home to enable the girls to explore the changes that the transition to womanhood brings and to enable them to harness their own personal power with the support of their own sisterhood. The groups will be full of fun, exploration, warmth and care.

Having a mentor to guide me would have made such a difference to so many aspects of my life and my own difficult experience of the journey into womanhood has given me the passion to make it a positive and enriching experience for girls. Girls Group is the perfect place for the girls to explore and practice self belief, self care, kindness, self awareness and self acceptance.

I deeply value the community of women that I have in my life. Being in circle with other women has allowed a space for me to explore and voice who I am and to also witness this with other women within a safe and nurturing space. To be seen and heard has enabled some of the most powerful transformation within me.

I live in Norwich with my husband and our daughter. Before becoming a mother I had a career as a producer working for a production company delivering live corporate events throughout the world. I gave this up as it was exhausting and was impacting too much on my life and then I decided to start a family…which is exhausting and impacts on my life…but in an infinitely better way!

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