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The Big School Bell

The Livestream

4pm Friday 24th July

Congratulations!  Enjoy your summer holidays and we’ll be here to support you when it’s time to return to school.  Have a go at our Moving-On Up Guides which you can download for free.

If you missed us at 4pm, you can still hear your last school bell and Carol Vorderman’s special message by clicking play.

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The Big School Bell

A special and fun way to celebrate the end of the school year

Today, Friday 24th of July we invite all school children to stand on your doorstep with your uniform on, or with something else from school, to mark the end of your 2020 school journey with the last school bell of the year.

Why are we doing this?

The pandemic has meant that many of your school traditions like outings, leavers’ assemblies, shirt signing etc. couldn’t happen.  We know that lots of you are disappointed not to be able to say goodbye and celebrate what you’ve accomplished. We want to honour your achievements as you get ready to step into the next stage of your lives.

Free downloadable resources

Click on your year to download a free Moving-On Guide.  You can fill it in, or just read it, maybe discuss it with family and friends and then keep it as a memory of this unusual 2020 school year.

In order to move joyfully into new stages of life, rather than fearfully, kids need to know that they are part of a great big community who care about and honour their growth and unfolding. The Big School Bell project is an act of community parenting for all our children; may it be the start of many more.
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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS:  We’d like to thank for their invaluable and generous support: Mystery Celebrity, Steve Biddulph, Hayley Wigg, Lisa Millard at Rather Nice Design, Juno Phitidis, Michael Hoelters and Cara McCabe for the brilliant idea! Kim McCabe, Karen Abi-Karam, Steph Rainford, Jessica Shaw, Lisa James and many other Rites for Girls Facilitators.