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Grace Brangwyn

Girls Journeying Together Facilitator

Town: Brighton, UK
Girls Journeying Together groups: Brighton, East Sussex

I am not currently offering Girls Journeying Together groups, please return to the map to find another group facilitator.

I am delighted to support young girls in preparing for their transition towards womanhood.  Every girl deserves the right to grow up with a positive, healthy sense of her female identity and in Girls Journeying Together we are making this a reality.

In my groups each girl is welcome just as she is, without judgment or expectation.  As the girls get to know each other, I nurture the growing sense of community within the group.  Supported by each other, I guide the girls to explore and reflect upon their experiences of growing up and look towards the future, in preparation for the extraordinary changes that are to come.  It is my hope that each girl learns to embrace her developing process and emerges with a sense of self worth and a support network that will sustain her throughout what will be one of the most vulnerable stages of her life.

I am a seeker of meaning and a lover of life.  When I look around, I see the beauty as well as the damage we have done to each other and our earth.  The wild dreams in my heart keep me busy plotting the creation of a more beautiful world and the rhythm in my feet keep me dancing most days.  Alongside my role in Rites for Girls I work as a massage therapist and a waitress.  I practice a lot of meditation, laugh a lot with my friends, ponder the miracle of existence and then go to bed.