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Amy-Beth Dalgleish

Girls Journeying Together Facilitator

Town: Winchester, England
Girls Journeying Together groups: Winchester, Hampshire

In my Girls Journeying Together groups girls are supported, heard and seen in their preteen years of change and beyond.  I help girls to believe that they are enough just as they are and to work out who it is they want to be, free from the pressures of society, peers and other influences.  I consider it a privilege to become part of a girl’s life in this unique way – not parent, teacher or friend, but mentor – a trusted person to open up to in a group of girls who they belong with just as they are.

When I first heard about Rites for Girls my heart lit up – here’s something that really resonates with my values and beliefs as it enables girls to build up resilience, knowledge and confidence, at their own pace on their journey from girl to womanhood.  I signed my younger daughter up for the Girls Journeying Together taster session and felt excited for her; now she had somewhere she could go to find out about herself, to navigate the transitional teenage years and to feel safe exploring what it means to be ‘a woman’.  I was surprised to discover that while she was being supported by other girls and guided by a mentor, I also found a wonderful source of support from the other mothers with whom I could share my thoughts and feelings about raising girls.

Please contact me if you would like to know more or sign up to my free taster session.