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Rites for Girls Facilitators

Rites for Girls grew from my wish to make the lives of teenagers easier.  My vision is that every girl grows up knowing that she’ll have the support of her community as she enters her teens, and Girls Journeying Together groups can be found everywhere.
Kim McCabe

Every qualified Girls Journeying Together group facilitator will have undergone a minimum of 20 months training and have run at least one full-year’s supervised girls’ group before graduating.  Apprentice facilitators are closely supervised while offering their first groups and will have already completed a minimum of nine months training (which includes four residential weeks).

Find the facilitators nearest to you

All accredited and apprentice Rites for Girls facilitators are listed below.  If someone is not included in this list they are not qualified or sanctioned by us to run Girls Journeying Together groups.

If you can’t find a group near you, encourage a local woman to train to become a Girls Journeying Together facilitator.  Or become an organiser to bring the training to your country.

Rites for Girls founder, supervisor and facilitator

Girls Journeying Together accredited facilitators

Girls Journeying Together facilitators

Rites for Girls trainers and supervisors

      Would you like to help us to bring Girls Journeying Together groups to girls all over the world?

      List of Girls Journeying Together facilitators


      • Forest Row, Sussex
        Kim McCabe — kim[at]
        Karen Abi-Karam — karen.abi-karam[at]
      • Brighton, Sussex
        Grace Brangwyn — grace[at]
      • Hove, Sussex
        Fern Daniel — fern[at]
      • Buxted, Sussex
        Sabrina Mudie — sabrina[at]
      • Lewes, Sussex
        Sara Newton — sara[at]
      • Eastbourne, Sussex
        Shelly Diamond — shelly[at]
        Felicia Perks — felicia[at]
      • Canterbury, Kent
        Karen Smith — karen[at]
      • Bognor Regis, West Sussex
        Jayne Bond — jayne[at]
      • Winchester, Hampshire
        Jessica Shaw — jessica[at]
        Amy-Beth Dalgleish — amybeth[at]
      • Frome, Somerset
        Steph Rainford — steph[at]
        Sophy Griffiths — sophy[at]
      • Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
        Cathy Roos — catherineroos[at]
      • Cambridge, Cambs
        Trishna Shah — trishna[at]
        Laylah Hope — laylah[at]
      • Norwich, Norfolk
        Anya Broughton — anya[at]
      • Reigate, Surrey
        Anna Silver — anna[at]
      • Wimbledon, London
        Sophie Beaupain — sophie[at]
      • New Barnet, London
        Dominique Carruthers-Reeve — dominique[at]
      • Wembley, London
        Majgan Qadir — majgan[at]
      • Streatham, London
        Nicola Brown — nicki[at]
      • Islington, London
        Alex Jelly — alex[at]
      • Birmingham, West Midlands
        Imritpal Hanspal — imi[at]
      • Wallasey, Merseyside
        Lisa James — lisa[at]
      • Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
        Jo Bramham — johanna[at]
      • Sheffield, South Yorkshire
        Sarah Blagg — sarah[at]
        Faye Tomson — not currently running any groups
      • York, North Yorkshire
        Rhiannon Silver-Gilmore — rhiannon[at]


      • Moscow
        Elvira Gilmanova — elvira.galim[at]
        Angelina Shevchenko — andjelina.shevchenko[at]


      • Grenoble, France
        Sylvie Bocquet — sylvie[at]


      • Marratxi, Mallorca
        Leesa Whisker — leesa[at]


      • Canggu, Bali
        Tryphena Neale — tryphena[at]


      • Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong
        Macha Farrant — macha[at]